The Federation of International Horse Agility Clubs
The Governing body of Horse Agility Clubs Worldwide.

The Federation has been set up to ensure that the core values of Horse Agility are maintained across the world namely that the horse is treated in an ethically sound and humane way throughout its training and in competition.

To oversee the sport of Horse Agility internationally

To promote and support a healthy physical and moral development of the sport

To fight against sport injustice both for humans and horses

To organise events professionally presenting the competitive face of Horse Agility in a positive and progressive way.

To create friendship between Clubs and individuals who wish to be involved at any level in the sport of Horse Agility.

To help build international clubs and good relations between them to assist in the growth of Horse Agility across the globe.

*FIHAC does not permit any political, religious or racial discrimination or any violation of human rights amongst its members.

*FIHAC does not permit any discrimination against any equine based on colour, breed or size, humane treatment of equines must be observed at all stages of training.

*FIHAC expects Affiliated Clubs and their members to conform to the ethics of fair-play and good horsemanship at all times.