Clubs who are affiliated to FIHAC and therefore are members of it are entitled to run events that abide by the Rules and Regulations drawn up and published by the Federation.

Any competition scores achieved at these events can be entered into International Leagues which are overseen by FIHAC.

Any club affiliated to FIHAC (and members of that club) must abide by the following rules and regulations:

To promote the sport of Horse Agility at all levels to encourage growth from strong foundations.

Competitors must be aware of the Rules and Regulations of FIHAC

All horses and ponies must be registered with an affiliated Horse Agility Club.

All horses and competitors must carry their own insurance.

Horses and ponies must be at least two years old to compete there is no upper age limit.

For physical safety and emotional stability it is recommended that horses do not start training until at least 18 months old though elements of the obstacles can be introduced as part of daily routine, eg. Leading through a trailer, tying up etc.

No horse under 3 years of age can compete above First Level.

Horses must be measured and enter in the correct height category.
There are three height categories:
Small Pony (up to 10.2hh), Pony (10.2hh to 14.2hh), Horse (14.2hh upwards).

At present there are five levels of competition:
Starter, First Level, Medium Level, Advanced Level, Freestyle Agility, Wild Agility.

No equipment other than head collar, lead rope (at least 10 feet long) and protective boots (where necessary) is allowed on the horses (except Freestyle Agility where there is no equipment on the horse at all except protective boots if necessary.)
No whips, sticks etc are allowed.

All handlers must wear hard hats and suitable footwear in all classes.

In each competition there are 10 obstacles plus the run/walk section (for Starter and First levels only) The competition is laid out in an enclosed area except Wild Agility.

No previous experience is necessary but FIHAC recommends that participants attend courses and play-days run by affiliated Clubs.

All participants must be a member of an affiliated club to attend events.