Scoring System...
Each obstacle is given a mark based on effectiveness and good horsemanship at completing the obstacle. These marks are then added together.

Each obstacle is marked out of 10 made up of two parts:

Effectively negotiating the obstacle out of 5 marks.

Good horsemanship shown whilst negotiating the obstacle out of 5 marks.

There is no time limit in the first two levels, Starter and First Levels however subsequent levels are competed against the clock.

A mark is deducted for each refusal at one obstacle. A refusal is deemed to be a horse stepping back, turning away or refusing to move towards the obstacle even when asked by the handler. The competitor may miss out that obstacle and move onto the next one.

The competitor must attempt every obstacle even if the horse does not show any inclination to complete it.

The competitor will be eliminated if he makes an uncorrected error on the course.

A horse may be eliminated if he is deemed unfit to compete, given any outside assistance or found to have been doped in accordance with current rules.

Any complaints must be lodged in writing.

Points gained in affiliated competitions can be entered into the FIHAC Horse Agility League Table for individual countries and the FIHAC International League for a Grand Prize at the end of the year. Both Clubs and individual members of that club can choose to opt out if they wish.

The League points:

First prize gains 5 league points

Second prize 3 League points

Third prize 1 league point.

All the total scores and league points are collated and published on the websites and social media pages worldwide so that at any time competitors can see where they are placed in the league both Internationally and within their own country. In the event of a league points tie the cumulative scores are taken into consideration.